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We are Federal (SAM) Registered with Cage Code # 8C1R8

Who we are:  

Freelancer Transport Service (FLT) is a small independently owned and operated Service Disabled Veteran Business operating without the engagement of any load boards, freight factoring or broker services.  We are entirely self supported by our own initiative and resources dedicated to providing quality, dependable and trustworthy service to our customers.  

Who We Transport For:

We are an expedite Hotshot Cargo Transporter of equipment and supply products for Private Individuals, Commercial, Industrial Industries and Governmental Agencies throughout the Southeast and Southwest Regions of the U.S. And, we are USDOT 3266588 and Motor Carrier 1030570 Registered. 

The applicable NAICS CODES for FLT are 484110-484220-484121-484122-484230 and the corresponding SIC Codes 4212-4213-4214  / PSC V 112 (NMFTA Code FLPS)

Customer Appreciation:

We want to take this opportunity to thank all our customers of 2019 as it comes to an end. You have provided us with a fantastic year. Now that 2020 is rapidly approaching, FLT looks forward to our mutual success.  Thank You Customers

Flatbed with Winch , Duck Tail and Loading Ramps
Flatbed with duck tail ramp rollers for pulling choppers on bed

RV Transporting

          Please Read - The RV owner needs to prep his or her unit prior to transport                      Bumper Pulls-Fifth Wheels or Goosenecks is our specialty        
. We Transport and Deliver RV's.  RV owners. In order to expedite the service,  please check the tire pressure and remove any liquids from all internal tanks. Verify all trailer lights are working, doors, vents, windows and awnings are closed and secure, remove or secure loose items on the inside and outside.  We are not allowed to locate your RV at the destination in locations that includes unstable areas such as  wooded areas, back yards, unstable soil surfaces, mountainous or rocky terrain  or, any area deem by the driver to be unsafe or hazardous. This is not allowed by our insurance company underwriters. .  On the transporter/carrier arrival at the pickup location, any delay for not having your unit prep for transport can be costly in waiting  time.  Owner is responsible for any necessary mechanical or service repairs needed while unit is being transported.  Some class B -RV's and utility trailers may be transported on FLT flatbed trailer. 

 General Cargo Freight Transport Rates are base on a per mile rate depending on the size and type of unit or freight load being transported In normal situations.  The per mile rate can range from $ 1.24 to $ 1.78 per mile. The further the transport distance is, the rate per mile will often be less. The primary rate factor in general cargo or helicopter freight transporting is the diesel fuel cost and cargo weight and length. And, tolls ( if any) to the requested destination. 
The above mileage rates do-not-apply within certain proximity locations from the carrier/transporter homeport where flat rates apply or when an established contract rate has been pre- negotiated with a customer.  

Cargo We Transport: RV's - Pumps & Generators  - Backhoes - Off Road Vehicles - Helicopters - Aircraft Engines- Utility Trailers- Military Equipment - Forklifts- Conex Containers - ATV's & Golf Carts, PVC Pipe & Tubing, Sheet Metal, General Equipment, Heavy Equipment Parts, Farm Implements, Damage or Crashed Helicopter or, anything that will safely secure and transport on our flatbed trailer.

Box Cargo Trailer

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Disaster Response  
 Our Logistics support to disaster areas when called upon by state or local emergency management agencies within our service area are second to none.  We are Emergency ER-ITN registered with Mississippi and Louisiana.        
True Entry is a Disaster area sponsored program True Entry is a Disaster Area Entry Control program in affiliation with Local Law Enforcement

Serving The Southeast & Southwest U.S.A.

(Establish Customers or Emergency Management Agencies only)

Send Fax To 228-967-7320 (24 hour monitoring)

1-Provide Your Company or Agency Name & Location

2-Your (Senders) Name & Title

3-Return Phone Number

4- Short description of emergency and pickup location

       5- We will call you back for confirmation of the emergency and  for additional details on your request within minutes

We are ready on a moments notice when disaster strikes in Louisiana, Mississippi,                                                       Alabama, Florida and East Texas                                                            

Where Southern Hospitality is Never Disputed

Service Quotes NOTICE: All On-Line Service Quotes provided by Freelancer Transport Service are honored for a period of 36  hours from the date and time of issuance. Written Quotes requested are valid for the term of the open period. We Transport  East to West from El Paso TX to Bristol VA & North to South from Fayetteville AR to Fort Myers, FL  and everywhere in between.

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Payment Methods: Cash-Check-Direct Deposit or Establish Account. (FLT no longer accepts credit cards as of 10/15/19 due to the increase monthly fees by the processor). Customers with established accounts (Net 20)  

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