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What We Do

We are a Hotshot Cargo Transporter of equipment and supply products for commercial and private entities, Local, State and Federal sources throughout the Southeast and Southwest Regions of the U.S.A.   
                                                               NAICS CODES 484110-484121-484122-561990  /  SIC 4212-4213  / PSC V 112

Shipping Trucks and Off Road Vehicles

We transport Commercial  and Military vehicles up to 10,000 lbs.  We do NOT transport private cars unless they are part of a shipment with other equipment or products.   

RV Transport

The RV owner must prep his or her unit prior to transport  

Please check your tire pressure and remove any liquids from all internal tanks. Wheel bearing should have been recently service, verify all trailer lights are working, doors, vents, windows and awnings are closed and secure, remove or secure loose items on the inside and outside.  We are not allowed to locate your RV at the destination that is not on solid ground surfaces. This includes wooded areas, back yards, open fields or, any area deem by the driver to be unsafe or hazardous. This is not allowed by our insurance company..underwriters .     

In Association with the State Of Louisiana and Mississippi Emergency Management
Credit Cards are process with Authorize.net by virtual transaction. We also except direct deposits

 What We Transport   

Pumps & Generators  - Utility Trailers - Dumpsters - Oil & Gas Equipment - Truck Parts - Farm Equipment- Hey Rolls & Bales - Power Transformers - Off Road Vehicles - Military Equipment - Boats on Trailers - Pipe up to 38 ft in length - Conex Containers - ATV's & Golf Carts - Sheet Metal - RV's - Agri. Supplies - PVC Pipe, Specialty Equip.- Wire Rope And Provide Disaster Recovery and Construction Project Support.  Our Flatbed Trailer is equip with a 12000 lbs winch and 80 ft of  3/8 cable. Call us for any other specialize shipment.

ALPHA CODE SCAC - FLPS / PSC- V112 Safety, Reliability, Integrity and Loyalty Matters With Freelancer Transport

Freelancer Transport Service Transporting Supplies  

Motorize Equipment Transport

All transported vehicles excluding U.S. military, U.S. Government or States, must be accompanied with a copy of the owner registration documents, shippers address and phone number, written authorization to transport, keys, name, address and phone number of the receiving individual and his or her address.  

TO: Shipper & Receiver Notification

Please keep in mind that the service provider truck and trailer is 64 ft long. Some municipalities regulate residential delivers in neighborhoods that can not accommodate a pull vehicle and trailer of this length due to narrow streets.  Should that be the case, the receiver of the shipment will need to meet the carrier at a location nearby that's suitable to unload and transfer the shipment safely.  CHECK WITH THE CITY AND NEIGHBORHOOD OF DESTINATION FOR TRANSPORTER LOAD & LENGTH RESTRICTIONS PRIOR TO YOUR SHIPMENT. 

Disaster Response  
 Our Logistics support to disaster areas when called upon by emergency management agencies within our service area are second to none.  We are SAM, USDOT,  Mississippi and Louisiana Emergency ER-ITN registered.                   

Louisiana and Mississippi ER-ITN Logos

Serving The Southeast & Southwest U.S.A.

(Establish Customers only)

Send Fax To 228-967-7320 (24 hour monitoring)

1-Provide Your Company or Agency Name & Location

2-Your (Senders) Name & Title

3-Return Phone Number

4- Short description of emergency and pickup location

       5- We will call you back for confirmation and additional details on your request within minutes


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